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Video Review : Flat Rock 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, Explore Series

12 May 2022

Michael Pinkus Wine Review presents,


An Ontario Wine Video Review
with the Grape Guy, Michael Pinkus, check it out

Today's wine:

Flat Rock Cellars
2020 Sauvignon Blanc
Explore Series

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The Written Review ...

Flar Rock Cellars 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, Explore Series
A Sauvignon Blanc from Flat Rock Cellars? What gives? It’s a way to try out new varieties without having to plant their own, but plant they must, as there is a plot of landing waiting for a new idea to bloom. This Sauv Blanc is subtly sweet with nice white fruit at its core, add in apple, citrus and guava plus a long finish and you have yourself a beauty of a barrel fermented Savvy B; if this is the future of Flat Rock I’m definitely in.


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