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Video Review : Rosehall Run 2019 UV - Nedelko Vineyard

09 Sep 2022

Michael Pinkus Wine Review presents,


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Today's wine:

Rosehall Run
2019 UV - Nedelko Vineyard

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The Written Review ...

Rosehall Run 2019 UV - Nedelko Vineyard
This Niagara-based Meritage blend comes from Niagara's Nedelko vineyard - and for 2019 it delivers so much more then I would have expected it to Cherry and sour cherry meet strawberry, but without being over the top, then there's mocha and pencil shavings with a juicy drink-ability that carries it right down the middle. It's quite a lovely bottle, proving Dan Sullivan can work with both Prince Edward County and Niagara fruit - but I think we've known that from his past endeavours.  ( **** )


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