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Video Review : Niagara College 2020 Gastronomy Shiraz (Ontario)

28 Jul 2023

Michael Pinkus Wine Review presents,


An Ontario Wine Video Review
with the Grape Guy, Michael Pinkus, check it out

Today's wine:

Niagara College Teaching Winery
2020 Gastronomy Shiraz

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How I hate to see the word Shiraz on a label of Ontario Syrah - it's confusing - and I thought we had passed that; then again, maybe not. The wine itself was aged 20 months in French and American oak, bottled unfiltered and from the toasty 2020 vintage, which should also tell you how the wine is. But there's still no excuse for the name, especially from the Teaching College, of all places. The actual wine in the bottle has notes of raspberry and pepper - both red and black - on the nose; palate is full of spicy-black fruit and that peppery goodness comes through as well. If only it was named properly, then I could relax and be a bigger fan than I already am. 


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