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Video Review : Kacaba 2019 Syrah, Proprietor's Block (Ontario Wine)

21 Oct 2023

Michael Pinkus Wine Review presents,


An Ontario Wine Video Review
with the Grape Guy, Michael Pinkus, check it out

Today's wine:

Kacaba 2019 Syrah
Proprietor's Block

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You would not think 2019 to be a year for Syrah; but if you were one of the first to plant the grape, that makes your material old vines, and here that helps. Here Syrah was combined with 10% Viognier, all estate grown, then aged in a mix of American and French oak for 17 months, giving the wine elements of floral and hints of fruit sweetness in the process. Peppery and smoky notes lead things off, before the fruit really kicks in: raspberry, blackberry and creme de cassis ... This is elegant and stylish version Syrah - that's not just good for the vintage, but really good in general ... Vintage be damned.


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