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Video Review : Big Head Wines 2020 RAW Syrah (Ontario Wine)

22 Sep 2023

Michael Pinkus Wine Review presents,


An Ontario Wine Video Review
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Today's wine:

Big Head Wines
2020 RAW Syrah

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It's hard not to assume that during a 20-plus wine tasting at Big Head with wine maker/owner Andrzej Lipinski, you’ll come away with some favourites; but the big surprise here was just how much this one stood heads and tails above all the rest. That was the case this 2020 Syrah, part of the Raw series, which see concrete with no wood being introduced. The wine is also bottled unfiltered, but even before that Andrzej co-fermented it with 5% Viognier with the Syrah, along with a few other tricks of the trade, including carbonic maceration. Then leaving it in concrete for a year and a half. The results lay plain in the bottle: Floral aromas that lean slightly smoky ... A palate loaded with smoky-black cherry and raspberry and balsamic strawberries. It's pure, it's pretty, it's ... Damn near perfect?


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