Fielding 2006 Syrah
This wine was released late last year, and was originally offered to visitors in April as part of the Fielding futures program. I liked this wine then and now that it’s been bottled and has had time to settle into its new glass home I still like it – even more. The nose has a smoky characteristic, with cinnamon, raspberry, floral and earthy notes, and as it opens up in the glass, there’s the definite, unmistakable smell of Montreal Smoked Meat (I love smoked meat). The taste echoes the nose, matching it smell for taste and even adding in a touch of white pepper. Finish-wise, we’re looking at one elongated lingering finish that’s all smoky, earthy and cinnamony. This one’s full of finesse and very tasty. Price: $27.00 – Rating: ****
Shiraz / Syrah
Niagara Peninsula
at the Winery

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