Sanson Estate 2008 Riesling
I tried this at the most recent London Wine and Food Show (2010 edition) just this past January. It is the second time Sanson has produced a Riesling and I am happy to report that Dennis Sanson (owner/winemaker) is not suffering from a sophomore slump. At first, I was a little nervouse about the wine because the nose was very muted (there was very little smell emanating from the glass); I was told the wine was only 3 weeks in bottle, so the muted nose is to be expected as the bottle goes through a little bit of shock. But if the nose opens as nicely as the palate tastes then this wine will be one fantastic wine. The palate offers up a delicious mix of lemon-lime, peach and crisp good acidity. It's definitely a lively palate that will be even livelier with a nose to match.. Buy now, but give it to the summer to open fully and it'll be grand. Price: $14.95 - Rating: ****
Lake Erie North Shore
at the winery

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