Coyote's Run 2009 Red Paw Chardonnay
Another Chardonnay that shows that even with barrel fermenting and aging oak can play a supporting role to enhance the flavour of the wine, instead of stealing the show. When you put your nose into this glass you'd be hard pressed to find a heavy-handed use of oak, in fact, it'd be hard to find oak at all, the fruit comes wafting out and lures you into the glass for a sip. And it's here where the influence of the oak comes in ... there's a mix of both buttery leesy notes and wood along with just enough fruit to keep you coming back for more - and there's enough of a mix of both in each subsequent mouthful to make it interesting to the last delicious drop. Price: $21.95 - Rating: ****+
Niagara Peninsula
Available at the winery

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