Corte Medicea 2016 Cletus

The first thing I love about this wine is the name. Look, Harold, Bill or Tony would seem to be dumb names for a wine, but for some reason “Cletus” just seems to fit … This wine comes from Italy and that’s what just makes it even funnier, because I keep wondering how they came up with the name – who visited the deep southern US and thought he’d name a wine after some guy he met? But let’s get off that and talk about the wine: a 50/50 blend of Sangiovese and Merlot from Tuscany – and it has such a great new world vibe (the name as well as the taste) but with old world sensibility (great acid balance and ageability): a lovely black fruit dominant wine with plum, black cherry, and hints of mocha to help it along – the acidity manages to keep everything in check and that’s what makes it a beauty for both the BBQ and just to sit and sip on.  (****+)

Red Blend
at the Winery & Vintages January 5, 2019

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