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Treana 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

With BBQ season most definitely upon us it is time to find some of those wines that are going to make a “special occasion” even more special. Yes there are plenty of American Zins that will do the trick with a rack of ribs, or juicy steak, but there is also something about a big, bold, rich American Cab that just goes so well with that meat – this one comes from the Paso Robles area, a place where Rhone varieties seem to flourish, but Cab still has its place. Mocha, cherry and blackberry lead the charge with some herbal and coffee notes on the finish. This one is a heavy hitter for those special moments when a mid-priced wine is warranted (over an inexpensive one).  Rating: ****

Cabernet Sauvignon
United States
at the Winery & Vintages April 27, 2019

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