Rymill 2015 Coonawarra Classic Cabernet Sauvignon

Coonawarra is known for their Cabernets and the folks at Rymil know it’s their bread and butter with over 50% of their vineyards planted to that one variety. Located in the Limestone Coast of Australia the Coonawarra is also known for its “Terra Rossa”, or red clay, soils which give the wines a distinctive edge over other Cabs in the country. These 40+ year old vines have produced a brilliant and ageable Cabernet with classic big, bold aromas and flavours like eucalyptus, blackberry, cassis, black raspberry, plus hints of olive and a spicy finish; be sure to buy at least two bottles, one to age for 5+ years so you can experience this wine in its aged glory, as well as in its youth.  Rating: ****

Cabernet Sauvignon
at the Winery & Vintages November 23, 2019

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