Tommasi 2021 Valpolicella

It’s rare that I put a “mom wine” into this part of the newsletter, but today I’m checking to see 1) if mom is reading and 2) how long it will take her to call me to confirm that this wine is really something she would like. First, it’s a screwcap, I was surprised to see a screwcap on such a classic Italian wine. But this is good news for the arthritic crowd; with it being such a simple and easy drinking classic Italian wine, why not put it under the crack-and-consume kind of closure. Next, it’s a pretty lean 12% alcohol, so it’s not a headache inducing kind of wine; it is a fruit-forward kinda wine with lots of red berries and sweet fruit, and best of all it does not overwhelm the palate. It’s a wine you should buy quite a few of and call it your house wine, if you are so inclined – but it is not a wine for aging; it’s a wine to be consumed now and thoroughly enjoyed.  Rating: *** ½+

Red Blend
at the LCBO

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