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16 Aug 2005
OntarioWineReview Newsletter -Inaugural
March 2005 

  • Ontario Wine Review: The promise of something new
  • Grape Guy’s Pick of the Bunch: Peller Estates Cristalle - Sparkling Wine
  • What’s to Come: What you can look forward to in upcoming issues

ImageOntarioWineReview: The promise of something new
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We are about to embark on a new journey together … a journey of passion, of excitement, of fun, and best of all, of booze – wine to be exact. We are very excited here at OntarioWineReview, our goal is to make wine fun for everybody, and celebrate Ontario wine in particular. Ontario wines are some of the best in the world and it will be our job to let you know where to get the best wines, the best service, and locate the best wineries to visit. In the coming weeks we will be rolling out our bi-weekly newsletter which will encompass a variety of different articles in every issue. We know you’ll find them all fun and informative. Over the next year we will be making additions to our website that will make it easier for you to locate wines and wineries, learn more about the Ontario wine industry and where the best wines are being made … at OntarioWineReview we are constantly on the lookout for the best, that’s why at the end of the year we’ll be giving out the Crystal Cork Awards … our awards for the best in all categories: wine, winery, label, etc. Throughout the year we’ll ask you
for your feedback on the wines we review to see if you feel it is nomination-worthy or maybe you know of something that should be up for an award that we have yet to review. Please feel free to contact us about it too … we’ll be sure to do some investigating. In fact if you have any comments, questions, or feedback you would like to send our way please do so, we would love to share your experiences and thoughts as you will share in ours … and who knows we just might include your comments in an upcoming newsletter. The world of wine is very much alive and thriving, and there are so many choices to make when you go to the liquor store or drive the routes of wine country … OntarioWineReview will help to make those choices easier. We welcome your input and ask that you join us on the journey that never ends ... through Ontario’s wine, wineries, and routes.


Image Grape Guy’s Pick of the Bunch : Peller Estates Cristalle - Sparkling Wine

Since the dawning of time … or at least the dawning of glass bottles and ships – man has christened his seafaring journey by slamming a bottle of bubbly against the side of the vessel … I would suggest doing that with OntarioWineReview but we would probably break the computer monitor before we’d break the bottle, so may I suggest a drink instead – to toast the endeavour. Peller Estates makes a fabulous bubbly called Cristalle, which replaces the dosage of normal sparkling with a hint of ice wine. Not to get too technical here but it tickles the palate and plays with the tongue. For those who love sparkling, and even those who don’t, this one is definitely a winner at a fair price.

It is said that if the bottle doesn’t break against the ship it is a bad omen for the voyage … so let’s pop the cork, break into the glassware, and a make a toast to OntarioWineReview and the journey ahead – don’t waste a drop. Salut.

Available at the LCBO (www.lcbo.ca) or the winery (www.peller.com)

What's to come : What you can look forward to in upcoming issues [not all articles appear in each issue]

  • Beautiful Bottles – a look around the liquor store at interesting bottles, labels and designs.
  • Uncorked & Decanted – nifty gadgets and accessories that make wine enjoyment even more enjoyable.
  • Raise Your Spirits – advice about things wine and things we “wine” about: like stains and hangovers.
  • Savory Sounds – music to set the mood for, mellow out to, or just to sip a glass of your favourite by the fire – we recommend these.
  • The Grapevine - Chime-In! – Submit your feedback, requests, comments and have your say.
  • Wine-Event Spotlight – showcases an upcoming event that has caught our eye.
  • Red Carpet Nominees – where you can nominate your favourites for various Crystal Cork Awards
  • including red, white, fruit, label, winery atmosphere and best overall wine.

Image Crystal Cork Awards

Nominate wines to become candidates for our OntarioWineReview Crystal Cork Awards...
Chime In!

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A bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to helping you discover Ontario’s best Wines and Wineries.
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