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Cave Spring 2012 Chardonnay - Dolomite
The Dolomite series is showing quality and value up and down the line, from Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc to Riesling and Sparkling, and now the Chardonnay is following along the similar lines. I really dug the last version of the Dolomite Chardonnay (which was the inaugural vintage of Chard in this series); but this one, also very good, seems to be made in a different style. I’d like to say it was the vintage but both ’10 and ’12 are hot vintages. While the 2010 had mineral and fruit this one leans heavier on the creamy aspects of Chardonnay: vanilla cream and pineapple puree accost the nose initially, leading to a palate that’s tropically tinged with vanilla and butter on the finish. The palate also carries the added weight of lime pith, that signature mineral of the Dolomite line and of course that Ontario acidity … it’s another good Dolomite wine from Cave Spring, and at this price it’s an easy pick up by the half or full case. Price: $16.95 – Rating: ****+
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery

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