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Mastronardi 2002 Merlot
Reviewed February 2010 as part of the sexy winemaker judging. Reviewed February 2010 as part of the sexy winemaker judging … For the red wine submission for her sexiest winemaker nod, Lyse went even further back than she did with her white (2006 Chardonnay). This wine showed a mixture of real character and its age … When first opened the wine was tight and tough to get a read on, there was a lot of greenness and wood tannins, but deep down you could pick out raspberry notes as well. I have to hand it to Lyse for not going with the easier 2007 wines, which show big fruit, she went with more classic Ontario. With enough air and some time, this wine opened nicely: red raspberry fruit drove the train across the tongue with hints of herbs, spice and just a touch of black fruit, finishing with vanilla and wood tannins. This wine still has a couple of years left in it, but it’s delicious and smooth right now and ready to drink. No wonder this wine won Gold at the All Canadian Wine Championships. This is one sexy 8-year-old wine. Rating: ****
Lake Erie North Shore
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