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Sandbanks 2005 Cabernet Franc
When you only have 4 wines (currently) – it makes it easier to pick a favourite than when you have a wall full … that’s why this Cabernet Franc is the Pick of the Bunch this week. Had I not been to the winery, tried the wine there; then bought a few bottles and tried them again at home, I would have totally believed this fruit-bomb was from California or Australia. It shows that here in Ontario we can make a fully fruit driven wine from this grape. Aged 6 months in oak, this Cab Franc is allowed to show off its fruit forward flavours – and coming from the wonderful, yet meager, 2005 Vintage, really shows what many more of these wines are going to be like. A nose of pure sweet cherry and a taste that has that same sweet cherry at it’s core wrapped in a coat of vanilla and leather is what makes this wine delicious to savour anytime. The minimal oaking was the perfect port-manteau for this wine. This is a great wine from one of PEC’s newest wineries’, giving you yet another reason to watch this region in the future.
Cabernet Franc
Prince Edward County
at the winery

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