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Closson Chase 2011 Pinot Noir - KJ Watson Vineyard
Wow … usually it’s a Chardonnay from Closson that catches my eye (or should I say palate) at the annual County in the City tasting, but this year it was this special Pinot that blew me away. Really light in colour, so much so that it’s just this side of a Rosé. Nose is raspberry and sour cherry with a pretty perfumed note that lures you in for that first sip, then you just can’t stop: vanilla, spice, raspberry and cran-cherry; really flavourful … at first glance you wouldn’t think this wine would pack all that flavour and excitement, but as mama once said, “looks can be deceiving.” Price: $35.00 – Rating: ****+
Pinot Noir
Prince Edward County
at the winery

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