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16 Mile Cellar 2011 Pinot Noir, Rebel

When I hear “recently reduced” it sets off alarm bells in my head … why? Was it bad? Is it going bad? Not selling? Is something wrong with the wine? The something wrong here is restaurant sales – at $22.95 it brings the wine below the $20 mark for restos and that’s a more attractive sale price to them … and the consumer benefits as well. Speaking of attractive this wine has some of that attractiveness in spades. Nose is rather simplistic with its cherry and cranberry notes; but the palate is incredibly approachable right now with its cranberry, sour cherry and delicate spice rolling around with hint of violets and well-balanced acidity … delicate, lively and ultimately delicious – and above all well worth the money, even more so now. Price: $22.95 – Rating: ****

Pinot Noir
Niagara Escarpment
at the winery

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