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Creekside 2016 Syrah, Broken Press

This is a the Viognier version of the Creekside Syrah … 3% Viognier makes its way into the mix by way of skin contact, otherwise we’re looking at single vineyard Syrah aged 21 months with no new oak present and only 300 cases produced. The Viognier adds a floral element to this mostly meaty and red fruit dominated wine. This one is approachable earlier than the Unbroken Press (review later in this e-blast and can be found here), but it’s still brawny and brooding enough to age a decade or more, so don’t be fooled by that “approachable” moniker.
Price: $55.00 – Rating: **** ½

Shiraz / Syrah
Niagara Escarpment
at the winery

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