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Lakeview Cellars 2017 Viognier

Each year I think this wine is a fluke and every year I am proven wrong. It started out as an EastDell brand and then as the company shifted its branding and name change it fell under the Lakeview label - but for those that were fans of the EastDell Black Label Viognier, this is the same wine just under different cover ... and it's just as good as ever. The Viognier sees no oak, but it does see lees contact for about 4-5 months and that gives it a richness on the palate, and the stainless steel gives it a freshness and playfulness: melon rind, honeydew, lemon peel and tropical fruit all play a part in your enjoyment, plus the acidity is on point to keep everything in check.  This is quickly becoming an annual favourite for me.  Price: $18.95 - Rating: ****

at the Winery & Vintages March 16, 2019

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