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Bachelder 2019 Gamay Noir - Bai Xu, 1981 Plantation

Bachelder's labels should be twice their size, as Thomas B continues to divulge as much information as he can on them. This new-to-him vineyard was actually planted in 1981 (as he says on the front) - meaning 38-year-old vines at the time of vintage ... There's a mineral/chalkiness here that is more reminiscent of Riesling, or even Chardonnay, than one would expect in Gamay; sour cherry and cranberry also appear, ending with a medium-short finish, but there’s a chalky linger not explained by the whole cluster fermentation (20%) or the tannins - so it has to be the fruit, right? It's a really pretty wine with a “hidden seriousness”.  Price: $27.95 - Rating: ****+

Gamay Noir
Niagara Escarpment

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