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80x Wine Company 2020 Dam Chardonnay, Wilm Vineyard

First time 80x made a Chardonnay it made me say “meh”; but this time they did actually get me to say “damn”. This is a head-to-tail step up from that previous effort; which I am sorry to say was borderline faulty. This version has it all: creamy/silky mouth feel with vanilla, peach, apple, apricot plus cinnamon and butterscotch notes. I know it's early, as the bottle I tasted was bottled less than 3 weeks before - but damn if that's was the preview, I'm looking forward to the main attraction once this wine has settled in bottle.  UPDATE: a few weeks later I am happy to report it’s an even better wine than the preview suggested.  Price: $30.00 – Rating: ****+

at Rockway winery or online

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