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Legends 2008 Malbec Rosé
Looking for a unique rosé that’s not only going to get lips a flapping and tongues a wagging over its uniqueness, but also is going to give taste buds something to talk about too. Then look no further than this unique and inspired rosé from Legends. There’s no misprint here, it really says Malbec, and in 2008 Legends winemaker Serge Papineau has cobble together a delicious and delightful pink that will have you sipping well into the fall. The smells have a lot to keep the nose busy, pink grapefruit, raspberry and red berries to spare. The palate follows the nose with a sugar code that hovers at about a one, but what really comes out is the fruitiness, great acidity, fresh clean mouthfeel and incredible long finish. This wine seems to change for the better with each sip. Delightful. Price: $14.45 – Rating: ****½
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Niagara Peninsula
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