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Hinterland 2017 Chardonnay, Red Herring

This limited edition (146 cases) Niagara fruit (Wismer Vineyard) Chardonnay spent time in seven year old barrels – so not much, if any, barrel influence on flavor, but what has materialized is a round, rich, mouth-filling, almost creamy, Chardonnay with buttery-vanilla, peach pit and even a flinty note – time on lees has aided in this character – the finish is long and this is one tasty Chardonnay. But what I loved most about this wine was when I cocked my head towards Jonas Newman (winemaker) as if to ask “Why Chardonnay?” and he answered very bluntly: “Does the world need more Chardonnay? No. Does the world need Chardonnay from Jonas? Probably not … but F it, I love it.” And you know what, he’s got me there, cause I love it too.  Price: $35.00 – Rating: ****+

Prince Edward County
at the winery

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