Jim Barry 2016 Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon

Most people know Australia for its Shiraz, but they do an even better job with Cabernet Sauvignon (believe it or not) and it shows with this beauty from Jim Barry.  Grapes are sourced from Coonawarra, a region known for its Cab and boasts 14.3% alcohol, but it’s the story behind these grapes that gives the wine its name “Cover Drive”: the 30 acre vineyard used to be an old cricket grounds (or pitch) which closed in 1996 and soon after was bought by the Jim Barry winery and turned into a vineyard, they say it is the “terra rossa” soil that makes it so special. This wine will deliver in spades: cola, coffee, vanilla, plum and blackberry – it’s not quite ready, so give it 2 years then you’ll have a decade or more to enjoy it.  Rating: ****

Cabernet Sauvignon
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