Le Cellier des Princes 2016 La Couronne du Prince

This is one of those wines that sneaks up on you – upon first tasting I was like, “yeah this is okay”, then I gave it another sip and then another – with each additional sip there was more added, more layers, more complexity, more yumminess (and yes that is a technical term).  It starts off lean, with seemingly little enjoyment, but that first sip was just prepping your mouth for what lies ahead. Second sip shows off the soft and supple nature of the wine with mocha and black cherry, then it develops another round of flavours upon third sip and beyond where you’ll find hints of coffee, earthy, leathery and big dark fruit notes, which then dominates without overpowering. Cheers.  Rating: ****

Red Blend
at the Winery & Vintages October 26, 2019

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