Hubbs Creek 2017 Pinot Noir Reserve

Think Pinot Noir with an Italian-twist. Reserve Pinot doesn’t come along every year at Hubbsbut in 2017 Battista Calvieri (owner and winemaker) decided it was time. Picking the fruit a week later, using newer wood (two new Slavonian barrels - like they do in Tuscany) plus a little French; and then aged two years. There are some nice oak notes with smoky-cranberry, stony_minerality, good acidity and even some anise sitting in the background. This wine needs time to shuck the oak and come back to its fruit-roots, but it does have a Nebbiolo / Barolo -like characteristic and that’s something Battista is thrilled with.  Price: $39.95 – Rating: ****+

Pinot Noir
Prince Edward County
at the Winery & Online

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