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Naked Winery 2013 Penetration - Cabernet Sauvignon (Oregon)

20 Mar 2016

(September 12, 2015) ... I seriously doubt we'll ever see this wine, or many others from Oregon's Naked Winery, in repression era Ontario ... The labels and names are too lurid for our sensitive eyes and ears, that's according to big brother anyway. Too bad, because these are some great tongue-in-cheek wine names and innuendo-influenced labels ... Who am I kidding, they're as blatant as the nose on your face. This Penetration wine has a delightful blend of cranberry, black cherry, and black olive on the nose; palate thankfully ditches the olive and picks up some really great flavours like black cherry and vanilla, with subtle nuanced fruit noting raspberry and red plum, finishing with some really good acidity.

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