From the Cellar

Gemtree 2007 Uncut Shiraz (Australia)

04 Jul 2017


 (June 10, 2016) ... If you're a wine collector in any way you'll understand when I say, there are certain bottles you cherish so much in your cellar you're afraid to drink them ... This was one of those wines, it held a mythic nature because I had tried it in its youth and it was so yummy but "still needed time" - so you wait for just the right moment and hope that you get it right ... Which brings us to today ...

Crack the cap and away we go:  mocha, white pepper, cassis, smoked-raspberry, subtle eucalyptus notes, some pine and a note of alcohol (not that surprising when a wine is 14.5%) ... But that was just the initial take away; as we delve deeper and time passes it smooths and the smoky black fruit and currants really starts to shine and then pepper settles in as a seam running right through the middle leading to a mocha - raspberry finish.

Whew, hit the right time, now I just wish I had more.


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