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Ravenswood 2004 Sonoma County Old Vine Zinfandel (California)

21 Apr 2019

Ravenswood 2004 Zin


(March 15, 2019) ... Zin is not something I particularly open up in the middle of winter, it's a BBQ wine for me - but we were getting ready for summer and decided on making some indoor ribs (read: oven ribs) tonight and so a bottle had to be opened.  This was truly an amazing bottle: peppery-vanilla with sweet-prune notes on the nose, which may not sound too exciting and I admit it worried me a bit, but it was the palate that blew the doors off this wine:  black cherry and spice with great acidity to back it up - I am totally down with this wine. Not at peak but just cresting the hill.


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