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Carmen 2002 Syrah Reserve (Chile)

25 Jun 2020

Carmen 2002 Syrah


(April 5, 2020) ... I dove deep into the cellar for this one, a 2020 Syrah from Chile that probably cost me $15 or less at the time of purchase - for sure it was one of those drink now (or in the next few years) kinda wines that my cellar is noted for; because it is all a learning experience if nothing else. So I popped the cork and gave this "unfiltered" 18 year old bottle a try.

I am greeted by smoky, peppery and cedary notes with dried dark fruit and cinnamon powder - interesting - the first part is expected while the second has me sipping again and again. As the wine opens the dark fruit begins to emerge and take shape: cassis and dried cherry. And then it continues its journey opening more and becoming better and fuller, and with each passing 10 minutes and each subsequent sip I become more and more surprised by this wine to the point of writing "fucking gorgeous" on my note pad.

Carmen glass of gooAn hour and a half later, it's still getting better with its gentle spice and pepper with dark fruit backing - this bottle tastes younger the more it opens - and it's a revelation as to some of the gems I truly have in my cellar. Also, check out the "unfiltered" mess at the bottom of the glass (on the left).



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