From the Cellar

Caldora / Collazzi 2008s (Italy)

13 Apr 2022


(February 13, 2021) ... Hockey Night in Canada is back and so is something I grew up with: "Smoke Breaks" ... my friends were smokers (I never took up the habit) and during intermissions, especially come playoff time, we all would head outside for "a beer and a butt" talk about the game and just hang out until the next period began. I have resurrected the practice with my neighbour during the pandemic - we'd come out at the intermission, talk about the game, and maybe (occasionally) a cigar is brought out. Tonight, I opened a couple of 2008 Italian wines from different regions for a tasting in the snow.

CaldoraCaldora 2008 Yume Montepulciano D'Abruzzo ... great acidity and dark fruit right off the hop, then sour raspberry, mocha and even some balsamic notes appear, along with spiced-plum. The finish was nice and smooth and the wine was extremely drinkable.

CollazziCollazzi 2008 Toscana ... this wine proved to be even better. On the palate, it passed over the tongue in a silky fashion with notes of cedar and smoke to begin, then the dark fruit showed up with delicious hints of licorice and balsamic dippded strawberries - a great end to the night.



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