3rd Annual - Rose Report 2021

01 Jul 2021

Here is just one article from this year's Rosé Report ...

Why Rosé

As I stated in one of my promo Instagram “reels” - my last name is Pinkus, so pink wine love is kinda built in - but truth be told, I had not made that connection until it was pointed out to me by a wine producer (thanks Daniel Speck) who created a quick rosé flag for me to fly (think of the flag of the USSR, but pink with a corkscrew and bottle where the hammer and sickle would be ... as a funny aside, these days not many rosés are sealed under cork, but a screw cap bottle would be hard to distinguish, but I digress.

I have always been a fan of rosé wines, good rosé wines, and I often find myself railing against white Zinfandel as being too sweet, that’s mainly because I’m a red Zinfandel fan, and I have had to quell many snickers and jokes I hear when I say Zin is one of my favorite wines, as many assume (wrongly) that it's the pink stuff.

Rosé, to many, is the ultimate summer wine: It's served cold, it's refreshing and, when made well, can quench a thirst like no other wine.

It can also be made in so many styles: from sweet to dry. In a variety of methods: saignée (bleed off) method to light pressing; first pressing to limited skin contact. It can be made from a plethora of grapes: Pinot Noir to Marquette, Cabernet Sauvignon to Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre. You can add white wine to red (or red to white) to create a blush. Use one single red variety with limited contact to skin, or combine numerous varieties you bled juice off from to create higher intensity in your upcoming reds. You can make rosé as an afterthought (and sometimes it shows) or you can grow grapes specifically to make a stellar rosé.

There are so many styles, methods and kinds - and with its growth in popularity it makes it an even more fun time for rosé fans to discover new and exciting rosé wines - but (for the most part) it's still not a complex wine that you need to overthink to drink … and did I mention it has an array of things you can pair with it. It's pink and it's delicious – it’s made for enjoyment, pleasure and above all, summer.

So, are you still asking "why rosé”?




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