On the Road with the Grape Guy

Report from - FEW-esta Tomato - August 26, 2007

29 Aug 2007

What causes a winery to think outside the box?  What makes them think that something unrelated to their field of expertise will work?  Nobody really knows what made Fielding believe that a tomato festival would work at a winery … but it worked so well the first time, they brought it back again.

I was asked more than a half-dozen times over the past few weeks where I was heading this weekend and each time I said, “I’m going to Fielding for a Tomato Festival” the incredulous looks I received and comments I heard ranged from “at a winery?!?” to “a what where?” made many people, including myself, snicker.  “I guess they just love tomatoes,” I would reply.

Now here’s the funny thing ... (Read More)

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