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Sagrantino Anteprima “Light Roving Dinner”

04 Mar 2019


(February 19, 2019) – Montefalco … A traveling dinner that started at Scacciadiavoli and ended at Le Cimate … 8 producers “hosted” and joined in pouring four wines each over the course of the roving dinner. At Le Cimate each had three wines on offer and one each was poured over appetizers at Scacciadiavoli … Dinner was buffet style which allowed you to get up, and not only grab food, but try many of the wines at the bar … and might I add the dessert table was to die for … but I am here for the wines, so before digging into the plethora of cheeses, egg dishes and meat course that might materialize from the kitchen throughout the night I tried all the wines – here were the score-able wines of the night – plus a couple of reviews for the highest scoring: Cheese at Le Cimate

Appetizer Wines …

Bellafonte 2016 Arneto Trebbiano Spoletino(*** ½)
Ferrari Perle, sparkling wine(****)
Goretti 2018 Grechetto, DOC Colli Perugini(*** ½+)
Pardi 2018 Montefalco Bianco(***+)
Scacciadiavoli 2014 Vino Spumante Brut Rose(*** ½)

Summing up the appetizer wines … While the Ferrari was the highest scoring wine in the appetizer round it seems unfair to review that based on the fact that it is not from the Umbria area – so we move to the Goretti white for a full review (click on the wine name above or here for full review)

Dinner Wines …

Colle Ciocco 2017 Trebbiano Spoletino(*** ½) Sagrantino Duo
Goretti “Le Mura Saracene” 2013 Montefalco Sagrantino(*** ½+)
Goretti “Le Mura Saracene” 2014 Grechetto(*** ½+)
Goretti “Le Mura Saracene” 2016 Montefalco Rosso(****)
Le Cimate 2012 Macchieto – Super Umbrian(****+)
Le Cimate 2013 Montefalco Sagrantino(*** ½+)
Le Cimate 2015 Montefalco Rosso (****)
Pardi 2014 Montefalco Sagrantino(*** ½)
Pardi 2016 Montefalco Rosso (***+)
Tenute Lunelli – Castelbuono 2015 Montefalco Rosso, Riserva “Lampante”(*** ½+)

Summing up the dinner wines … Between Goretti and Le Cimate it was a tight race, I actually ended up scoring more wines from Goretti than Le Cimate, but the Cimate Super Umbrian was the wine of the night and will be getting the video treatment in the weeks ahead (read the full review here or click on the wine name) – for those keeping track Le Cimate received a total of 12 stars out of possible 20, while Goretti scored an impressive 16.5+ out of the same 20 star possibility – I am really hoping we see some of their wines in Ontario, where I live, and if you have access to them where you are, I would suggest putting your hands on a bottle or two – they show amazing consistency in the quality of their wines.


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