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Taste it Again: Tawse 2005 Echos Bistro Red

30 Nov 2014

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(September 27, 2014) ... This is the third time I have written a taste it again report on this wine:  October 2008; February 2011 and now (September 2014) ... the real question is how well is this hot vintage red aging?  Well I'm about to tell you.  Last time out it was the nose of this wine that was giving me trouble - I'm glad to report that that issue might have been bottle variance or just the wine going thorough some kind of weird or dumb phase.  This time around the nose was rather forthcoming with good smells, like dried raspberry and anise.  The flavours proved to be a tad earthy with notes of cassis and dried blackberry.  The finish was smooth, mellow and slightly herbal with an anise linger.  I suspect it is now time to drink the last two bottles of this wine I have in my cellar as I doubt they will be getting any better.  If you have any in your cellar I would suggest doing the same.

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