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Double the Cab / Double the Fun (Chile / California)

16 Oct 2020


(June 20, 2020) ... Another CoVid-era dinner with my brother, and I know he loves those California Cabs, that's what he always seems to have on his wine rack (that and Henry of Pelham Baco - is he really my brother?); that all said I brought along a couple of Cabernets this week to our weekly dinner, snuck in one from Chile and another was the Cali he was looking for:

IntrigaMontgras 2008 Intriga Cabernet Sauvignon ... this wine really disappointed me: smoky, cedary, woody, black pepper, and spice from the get go, I just could not locate any fruit; it seemed almost nul and void from this bottle ... with some air fruit peeked out, but more like a shy 4 year old when mom and dad have guests over then any kind of vibrant "I'm here!" let's put on a show. I decided to wait and see. Spicy dark fruit comes out within half an hour but that cedary note still persists and just never lets go - and that was a real let down.

Ca'MomiCa'Momi 2011 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ... This wine set my hair on fire when it was launched at our liquor monopoly, it was a Napa Valley Cab that was twenty-bucks, a totally unheard of thing. But now I'm looking at a $20 Napa Cab and wondering was it really worth it? The answer is a resounding YES. Fresh and clean with smooth black and red fruit: black cherry, blackberry, vanilla, rhubarb and subtle herbal notes, there's even a nice spice on the finish. Silky on the mid-palate, which gives way to a slight cedary/ woody note - but it is mainly in the background and does not interfere. This is one of those wines that I wonder why I did not buy more - yes I bought 3 at the time, but I now know I should have invested in more. Damn.



GusOnce again a family pet enjoyed the proceedings of a tasting and Gus enjoyed what he saw ... or he just enjoyed the attention and the company ... either way he was quite happy to hang around.   

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