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New Zealand - Waipara Valley

21 Jan 2018

We leave the relative comfort of Marlborough for parts unknown (to be honest every new place is a "part unknown"), we're heading to Christchurch but on our way we'll stop in the Waipara Valley to check out Pegasus Bay ... Or as someone later told me, "oh, yeah once you've seen Pegasus Bay you've pretty much seen what needs to be seen in that area".

We also got lucky cause the SH1 has finally reopened (no more that a few weeks at this point) which means we can take the coastal highway down and see the beautiful sites and ocean views - though I am informed that the inland road is "just as picturesque, but much longer".

On our way we make a pit stop at The Store Kekerengu which has a lush backyard, complete with herb garden and ocean access. From there we carry on to Pegasus Bay.


Pegasus Bay ...

Property was purchased in 1985 by a neurosurgeon deeply in love with wine and wanted to turn his "obsession" and "passion" into a hobby which then turned into the family's vocation. This property became the first vineyard in Canterbury and on this parcel the temperatures are 2° warmer than the rest of the region. It's a 250 hectare plot of which 120 are planted to vine, the rest is gardens, walking paths and lounging areas, including a restaurant (started in 1992). Today all 7 family members, including 3 sons and two wives are involved with the business of wine ... And mom takes care of the gardens, which includes a "brain bush" (hard to take a picture of) a cluster of shrubs that by the time it has fully matured will resemble the human brain, as nod to pops "starter job".

2013 Prima Donna Pinot Noir - ****+
2014 Maestro (Red Blend) - ****
2016 Encore (Botrytis Riesling) - ****+

Next stop, Cromwell and the Central Otago.


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