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Taste it Again: Jackson-Triggs 2005 Delaine Vineyard Riesling

10 Aug 2015

(April 12, 2015) ... This is the infamous wine I tell many a story about when my then friend, pre-girlfriend/pre-wife, who was a troglodyte about wine actually put ice cubes into glasses of Delaine Riesling pre-tattoo appointment ... To this day I hope the oriental symbol that Lois got actually means "eggrolls 99 cents" for the travesty they did to this wine ...

No really I am over it, but at the time it was a sacrilege (I trust they have learned their lesson) ... Now some 10 years later it was time to see what has happened to this hot vintage, single vineyard Riesling.  Nose was riddled with petrol but also contained aromas of apricot and mandarin orange. The palate was the surprise here as things kept changing almost by the minute ... The wine has maintained its integrity yet showed coconut, apricot, nectarine and almond while the acidity was still quite good. These past 10 years have made it a very intriguing wine, but it's not something to linger over as change happens quickly once the bottle is opened but this wine manages to have charm when first it comes out of the bottle. Drink quickly for best results ... without ice cubes please.

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