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Taste it Again: Pondview 2009 Bella Terra Cabernet Franc

05 Oct 2015

(May 25, 2015) ... 2009 was a great vintage for Pinot Noir and Riesling ... But mean to the Bordeaux varieties. Here we have what is considered to be a top of the line wine from Pondview, but now I ask: why a Franc in this vintage? The nose hints at what is to happen with its oak spice, cassis, tobacco, and spiced raspberry; very little in the way of a fresh fruit anywhere - but there does seem to be some. The palate is what shows the emperor has no clothes: it still has some real grit to those tannins, there's also spice and pepper everywhere and whatever fruit is available is all spiced-up with an aftertaste of vanilla, cinnamon and dried tobacco leaf - but even with an hour-plus in glass those tannins never seemed to smooth out. If you like your wines gritty and spicy this'll do the trick, sadly I think fruit here is thing of the past. I said in my original review "mid-term cellaring 2013-2018" - I thing the time to drink is now. I have another bottle and will be cracking it sooner than later.

Read the original review here.

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