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Taste it Again: Evolution of a Label - Creekside

26 Feb 2016

(August 28, 2015) ... If you enjoy quality Ontario wines than you probably know Creekside's 'Laura's Blend'. Since its inception it has been one of those go to wines for many; maybe not as popular as the iconic Trius Red, but pretty damn close. Today I sat down with three Vintages of the wine not only to taste but to witness the evolution of the wine's label.

Starting with the 2001 Laura's Blend, which has the potential to be lady-bugged (all Ontario wines of that year were susceptible) - but Laura seems to have avoided that fate:  dried raspberry and cherry on the nose, with some volatile acidity characteristics, yet it was smooth on the palate, with dried and smoky notes taking charge - drinkable but very tertiary.

The 2005 Laura's Blend started with hints of VA (volatile acidity, aka: nail polish remover) with dried smoked cherry, cassis and raspberry; palate was very smoky but with good acidity and tannins, this one was ready to drink now, I can't imagine it is going to get any better, it is setting up  its transition to the downward slope of its lifespan, but it's still quite pleasant.

As for the 2007 Laura's Blend, it's a wine I've had recently and still holds up ... See that note here.

To see the original reviews of the Laura's 2001 & 2005 just click the linked years in this sentence.

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