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Taste it Again: Calamus 2007 Meritage

05 Jan 2017

(May 16, 2016) ... This really is the tale of two wines, the one you get on the nose and the one you get on the palate.  Kicking things off there's a nice dark and red fruit nose that shows barely any sign of its 9 years of age.  Palate is not so lucky (at first), it started off a little thin, but as time passed it seemed to develop some weight and rounded itself off ... A little earthy but it has a real spicy quality and then the fruit finally comes online.  Now that they have established themselves the fruit comes across dark and smoky, and the tannins are smooth and silky, it's a wine you'll wanna drink within the next year, maybe two, because I don't think it's getting any better.

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