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Taste it Again: Cave Spring 2008 Dolomite Riesling

05 Jan 2017

(May 17, 2016) ... The first incarnation of a Cave Spring Dolomite Riesling I can recollect is the 2006 (I still have a couple of bottles) and they were brilliant ... as we move to the wines of today they are still very good, but my understanding is they are using younger fruit - this '08 falls into the older fruit category and it shows. The nose is loaded with stony, petrol, and lemon curd plus the addition of green apple and mineral on the palate - it has a deep yellow colour which gives hints that it is a aged white, but still with great acidity. The true sign of an older Riesling is that petrol character but here it's subtle and that speaks to the longevity this wine has and will have - the finish is just as impressive, with stony / mineral and peach pie nuances. This is a stellar older Ontario Riesling.

See my original review here


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