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Taste it Again: 2 Chards Different Results

11 Feb 2017

(September 19, 2016) ... A Sparkling wine Friday starts off with a bottle of Two Sisters Lush (read review here), a beauty of a rose bubble that whet out appetite for more wine, and whites at that, so to the wine fridge I went to grab out a bottle of Southbrook 2010 Whimsy Lot 20 Chardonnay ... this was a beauty and one of those Chardonnays I was completely enthralled with at the time of its release (to the tune of 4 1/2 stars) - sadly this particular bottle was a disaster with aromas of diaper pail, rancid garbage and oxidization; it was deep yellow in colour and trying to give it time just expanded the unappealing and atrocious flavours turning things into canned corn complete with tin; you just know I had to taste it and so ... I won't go on with what I found, but the finish was long lingering and awful - couldn't get the taste out of my mouth, nor the smell out of my nose ... was it just this bottle or had the wine gone completely bad, I'll never know because I do not have another bottle to compare it to - if you have one try it and please let me know.

Moving on to a wine that I was sure would prove more interesting and drinkable I opened a more recent KEW Vineyard 2013 Old Vines Chardonnay, and yes it was a much better experience:  pineapple, melon rind, lemon peel, hint of bitter melon, with some vanilla-hazelnut on the finish. Much better.

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