Ontario Reviews: Early Released Rosé Report

03 May 2018


As the weather outside goes from frightful to delightful it's time to start thinking about patio furniture, BBQs and whiling away many happy hours outdoors with family and friends - it's also time to start thinking about stocking up on Rose wines ... there have been quite a few that have passed my lips the last month or so and it's time to start making your list, checking it twice, and heading out to get ready for the warm days ahead; it's time to buy rose.

Below you'll find a list of my top 5 early roses, those wines that came out first, which can be a benefit especially for restaurant sales - and early springs (which this wasn't).

Click on the wines name to see the full review:


80x Wine Company 2017 When Pigs Fly ... (4 stars)

Henry of Pelham 2017 Three of Hearts ... (4 stars)

Malivoire Wine Company 2017 Rosé, Vivant ... (4 stars)

Marynissen 2017 Rosé ... (4 stars)

Trius 2017 Rosé ... (4 stars)


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Special Edition: Early Released Rosé Report


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