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On occasion, I’ll take a wine I like and put it away in a “special box” for a few years to see how it will age … below you will read happened to those wines. On the other hand, there are wines that get “lost” in my wine cellar with nary a review ever written - some have turned into golden Treasures, others supreme Trash and then there are those that fall somewhere in-between (Tolerable). We’ll look at those here too. (New wines are being added all the time so keep coming back):

Taste it Again: Strewn 2010 Terroir Merlot

11 Dec 2017

Strewn 2010 Merlot(September 10, 2016) ... This wine is a bit of a gamble, I have a friend over who claims to hate Merlot, especially those from Ontario, time to put my money where my mouth is and prove that not all Ontario Merlot is for the shits ... I run down to the cellar and yank a Strewn 2010 Terroir Merlot, six years on it's still lovely: mocha-chocolate, cassis, blueberry skin, herbal with a cedar backlash, but for the most part it's dark berries and smoke - our friend is gob-smacked and I get to keep my wine writer card for another day.

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Lost & Found: Hillebrand 2002 Trius Merlot

05 Dec 2017

Trius 2002 Merlot(August 24, 2016) ... Andre Proulx and are are speaking with JL Groux for our Pocast series, Two Guys Talking Wine, and in particular for our legacy series within the podcast; I pulled out one of the oldest bottles from JL's former employer, Hillebrand, and a wine from the 2002 vintage, a nice hot vintage.  The nose is earthy, leathery, and oaky - fruit is non-existent aroma-wise and palate-wise it isn't much different: spicy and oaky notes with little to no fruit, cedar has definitely taken hold. The nice part is that fruit begins to emerge after about 30-45 mins, it's dried but definitely red with notes of cassis on the finish. Within an hour it smooths out and the spice disappears replaced by hints of weak coffee.


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