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On occasion, I’ll take a wine I like and put it away in a “special box” for a few years to see how it will age … below you will read happened to those wines. On the other hand, there are wines that get “lost” in my wine cellar with nary a review ever written - some have turned into golden Treasures, others supreme Trash and then there are those that fall somewhere in-between (Tolerable). We’ll look at those here too. (New wines are being added all the time so keep coming back):

Lost & Found : Old Fielding Rieslings

06 Nov 2018


(April 2, 2017) ... Couple of old Fielding Rieslings to look at:

Fielding 2007 Riesling Reserve ... This is a hot year Riesling with some real intensity on the nose: petrol, beeswax, lanolin; much follows onto the palate but there seems to be a lack of acidity; finish is nice though: honeycomb, beeswax, and a hint of baked apple.

Fielding 2006 Semi-Dry Riesling ... This cooler year Riesling is much more expressive - pineapple syrup, apple, talc, and a great acid backbone still carries this wine, plus that touch of sweetness is a balanced masterstroke to its enjoyment.


Taste it Again: Two Chardonnays - Two Different Results

05 Oct 2018

Niagara College Chardonnay


(March 20, 2017) ... Opened two from Ontario tonight, but sadly the Closson Chase 2007 Chardonnay was so badly corked it was undrinkable ... So we moved on to a Niagara Teaching College 2009 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay - golden colour with an almond praline nose ... hints of caramel coated green apple and almond skin, with great acid backing; it's very much alive, but don't wait too much longer.

read original review here


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